Zapier is the biggest automation tool at the moment!

Our zapier integration allows you to automate deal creation. Creating deals through zapier is an easy task

Create a "Zap" using an application that has your data as a trigger and Tubular 'Create Deal' as an action in your zap.

Only think you need to be careful are the fields in zapier that you need to use.

All the fields in zapier that can be used during deal creation are:

  1. 'Name': Name of your deal (required). All the deals have to have a name associated
  2. 'Value': Value of your deal (required). Deals have to have a value set. This is a number, an amount of money that the deal is worth
  3. 'Status': Status represents stage of your deal (required). Tubular deals have 5 possible stages. Status value represents those stages using numbers. 0 represents initial, while 4 represents final stage (WON).
  4. 'Client': All deals have to be assigned to specific client (required). This value represents the Id of the client you want to assign it to. It's a number (ID) of a client
  5. 'Description': Description of you deal (optional)
  6. 'Expected Close Date': Date when deal is expected to be closed (optional). A date field is required here. If no value is present the default value will be a month from date of creation
  7. 'Currency': Currency of the deal (optional). Companies use multiple currencies for their deals. With this field you can select which currency you wan't to be used. If no value is present, default value will be your companies default currency in tubular.

Now our zapier integration can automate deal creation from over 750 apps!  Be sure to check it out!

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