There are so many Zaps it would be difficult to list them all, on our Zapbook page you can search over 750 apps that integrate with Tubular : Click here for our Zapbook 

But we have created some “Quick Zaps” which are ready for you to use straight away.

Google Sheets 

There’s no need to export your spreadsheets by hand all the time — we can take care of it for you. Once this integration is fully configured, Zapier will automatically create a new lead in Tubular from the information added to every new row on a Google Sheet, saving you from having to do it yourself.




If you’re trying to convert leads more efficiently, this awesome automated Zap can help. Whenever a new contact is added in Autopilot, creating a matching lead for them on Tubular to help your sales team stay focused on the right relationships.




Keep track of potential leads who schedule calls with you without the hassle of copy and pasting. Whenever new invitees in Calendly schedule a meeting with you, this integration will automatically convert those invitees into a lead in tubular – Bonus !




Using Intercom to communicate with users but want to track them as leads in Tubular? Use this integration to create leads in Tubular every time a new contact is added in Intercom. Easily convert your contacts to leads with this Zapier integration.



You can find more inside the app by clicking here

How to create your own Zap in Zapier

The above templates can be found in our Zapbook or inside the new settings menu within our app. But how do you create your own Zap ? Thanks to the awesome team over at Zapier its really easy !

Let me show you :

Step 1

  1. Login to your Zapier account, if you dont have one you can set up one for free here.
  2. When you logged in click “MAKE A ZAP!“
  3. Choose your Trigger AppFirst you’ll pick the app that you want to start the Zap. Enter the app’s name in the search box.
  4. Choose your TriggerPick the specific Trigger for the app from the list of options provided.  With our example we are using Typeform, this might be “new form entry”
  5. Connect your App (You will need your trigger app login details) A pop-up will appear, prompting you to authorize Zapier to connect to the app. Then click : Save + Continue.
  6. Edit your options
  7. Test your app.Click the “Fetch & Continue” button to make sure the Trigger works. Wait for the success message before you proceed to the next step.


Step 2

  1. Choose the Action AppSearch for the name of the app you want the action to be applied to. In our care this would be Tubular !
  2. Choose your action
  3. Connect to your Tubular account. If you do not already have Tubular connected a pop-up will appear, prompting you to authorize Zapier to connect to Tubular. Then just click “Save + Continue.”
  4. Set up the Template ( Customise )Click on the dropdown boxes or the plus (+) sign on the righthand side of every field to tell the Zap to pull in data to Tubular from the Trigger step.
  5. Test
  6. Name and save your “Zap“


If at any point you need help getting started from your Tubular account? The just reach out to us on Support, as always we are more than happy to help !

Not sure where to start ? Head over to Zapier and browse hundreds of potential Integrations on Zapier.

The awesome team at Zapier also wrote a blog about Integrating with Tubular, you can read that here.

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