Note: The Email Signature feature is one of the many useful features of Tubular's Pro and Enterprise plans. 

You will also need to have connected your Gmail or Outlook/365 account. If you've not you will see this screen.
You can Read more about this integrations in our Blogs:

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When emailing out to your Contacts or Leads in Tubular it useful to provide them with the important information about you, your company and how to contact you. It's also nice to keep consistency with how your emails look when you're not emailing from Outlook or Gmail. To handle this, we introduced Email signatures to Tubular. 

Creating your Signature

To create an email signature in Tubular go to : Settings then the Mail Integration tab.

In the box you can copy and paste a signature from another document or email client, or you can create your own here using the text edit box. 

If you are using Gmail, you can import your Gmail Signature using the box below. 

Click on Use this signature and your signature will be duplicated in the signature box above. 

When sending an email in Tubular you and toggle the signature on and off as you wish.

With your new email signature saved, you only need to write out the body of your email and send it to your recipient. 

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