For many businesses having an opt-in pop-up can immediately increase help grow email lists, subscribers and leads.

To create your lead builder head into Settings 

  1. Head over to Lead Builder
  2. Name your popup.
  3. Add a picture of your popup, ideally make the popup 1200px x 420 px
  4. Embedding the form will be able to show you your web-visitors, conversions (how many people fill in the form, and the conversion rate, visitors/conversions)
  5. Enter your headline, or call to action.
  6. Add the URL link that you want the popup to appear on
  7. Build the form field you want to gather choose from Work Phone, Job Title or Note. 

  1. Add a URL Path in the event you want to take the link to a Calendly booking.
  2. Add the length of time it will take before your popup appears. Best Practice - Ensure your visitors have a bit of time to navigate your site before they see a popup.
  3.  Add the frequency your web visitor will see the Popup
  4. Customize your background, button and label colours.
  5. Copy and paste the link to embed in your website
  6. Or download the Wordpress Plugin for a seamless integration. 

Click on Preview and see what you have built.

Best practice - Make sure your offer on a popup is insightful and relevent to get your client to leave their name. 

Keep Selling!

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