Is my data safe?

Your personal data and information is completely private and secure on Tubular.

Thousands of companies and institutions entrust us with their data, so our top priority is to ensure that all transactions, connections, and access is kept secure at all times.

All our servers and databases are fire-walled to permit the minimum traffic necessary to run the service. Access to administration tooling used by Tubular staff requires authentication, and is only accessible from a restricted set of IP addresses.

Does Tubular comply with Safe Harbour regulations?

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all our hosting. AWS are under the Safe Harbour Program, so any personal information stored is protected and complied with the European Data Protection Act.

Is data backed up?

Yes. We ensure that all customer account data is regularly backed up. Access to these backups is tightly controlled, encrypted and audited.

How is the data connected from Integrations?

When you connect Tubular to a third party service through one of our pre-built integrations, we store the credentials that allow us to fetch data from that service. We use these credentials to continuously update the data being pulled with the latest information available. We encrypt all credentials for these services before storing them.

Is Tubular compliant with GDPR?

Tubular is committed to being GDPR-compliant by 25 May 2018. We're closely following its developing guidelines and are adapting our plans and processes accordingly. 

Read more about our GDPR Readiness

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