Task management plays an important role in many organizations. A good task management system creates accountability, incentivises teams and drives engagement in team to push prospects through your sales funnel.

Tubulars new task reports lets you whittle down and view members activity across your entire sales pipeline.

Here is how to use Lead Reports.

Within the Deal or Lead, add tasks manually or add task templates. This allows you to create due time and dates, and allocate tasks to people.

In the reports section, click on Task Reports

Then choose between the variables you need to filter.

1 Day Ago, 7 Days Ago, Liftetime. Also add Deal tasks, lead tasks and all tasks.

Choose between Incomplete, Overdue, Overdue but Complete, or Complete Tasks.

Get instantaneous tasks reports, with each teams active pipeline and deals won value for reference.

Better, more efficient sales pipeline task management.

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