We have recently pushed our newest View Deal Page, adding more depth to your deals, whilst retaining the UI/UX features that make Tubular unique.

Lets break it down.  

  1. Edit Deal Button
  2. Duplicate Deal button
  3. Deal Name
  4. Deal Value
  5. Forecast Label
  6. Deal Tag
  7. Deal Close Date
  8. Deal Closing Quarter
  9. Organization the Deal is Assigned to
  10. Contact the Deal is Assigned to
  11. Internal Owner of the Deal

Don't worry, Tubulars main feature is still there. 

Deal Stages

Payment Schedule

We now have a payments schedule option within the deal view, click the + button and build your payment schedule

When you add your payment terms is will look like this.

Advanced Deals

The deal view now has the products added to the overview.

Our classical view, tasks and deal timeline still functions in the same way.



Here is an overview of navigating the view deal page.

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