Source reports are designed to give you a quick and powerful visual over where your business is coming from.

If you use Source reports correctly you should be able to run a quick filter, and see which marketing mediums are creating the most deal flow in your sales pipeline.

In Tubular, we run two types of source reports.

  1. Deal Source reports
  2. Contact Source reports

So, I hear you ask, whats the difference?

Lets dive into Deal reports 

The Deal source reports are pulled from the data you input when adding a source to a deal.

Remember you can always use filters to get a more concise view.

Right so moving on;

Contact reports

Contact reports are there to show you where the contact originates from - again this will give you a metric of which avenues you should be using to find more clients. 

So click on Contacts in Source Reports and lets take a look at where this metric is pulled from.

Remember when adding a lead in Tubular it will give you a choice of Lead Source.

Or alternatively in the complete contact view page.

And there you have it.

The two different type of deal and contact source reports that are available in Tubular.

Keep closing!


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